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What if we took control of our health starting with what we put in our mouth, our posture and our sleep habits? There are guesses that between 85%-95% of our illnesses would become history and soon forgotten. The phrase “in moderation” is used so frequently, but without taking any time to learn what is considered to be “moderate”.


Darryl Dodd, LMTDarryl-Dodd-LMT-Iowa1

With too many years sitting behind a desk I decided to make a change.  I have always wanted to get into the health field. I went to a massage therapist and they were able to assess and stop the numbness and tingling in my hand and arm, which my medical doctor was not able determine the cause, because it was sporadic. After this experience I knew what I wanted to do.

I am very aggressive going after tight and tender muscles and I have been amazed with the healing power of touch!