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About Us

Essential Transformations LLC has been a trusted source of effective body work and massage therapy for many years. We pride ourselves on providing practical knowledge and helpful recommendations dispensed by a team of professionally trained and certified massage practitioners committed to offering long term relief for a range of physical and psychological ailments.

The Essential Transformations LLC Mission

We believe that therapeutic touch, when professionally applied in one of its many established forms, has the power to restore and activate the healing potential present within each individual. Our certified massage therapists have provided beneficial results that range from restoring mobility to those suffering with physical ailments, to helping clients overcome debilitating stress related conditions.

Essential Transformations LLC

Andrea Adamcakova-Dodd, PhD

My wife and my boss. Did I repeat myself?

Andrea is from Slovakia and came to the US, while working on her PhD back in 2000. I knew she was the one early on and she has proven to me over and over again that I was right

When wanting to change professions she was very reluctant at first, but as friends and clients kept telling her that I helped them and that I was very good at what I was doing she backed me 100%. With having two beautiful children backing me 100% was a lot of work on her part and I am very grateful for her support.

Essential Transformations LLC

Darryl Dodd, LMT, Neural Reset Practitioner, BS, University of Iowa

With too many years sitting behind a desk I decided to make a change and I always wanted to get into the health field.

After my medical doctor was not able determine the cause of a numbness and tingling feeling that started in my right hand traveled up my arm, across my face and down to my left hand I went to a massage therapist. I did not think that he would be able to do anything about it, but I described it to him and he told me that it sounded like some of my muscles that could impinge on my brachial plexus might be tight. He pressed on pectoralis minor and it was excruciating as well as a few other muscles. He relaxed them and showed me some stretches and after one visit and without drugs, I have not had that issue again. After this experience I knew what I wanted to do.

I am very aggressive going after tight and tender muscles and I have been amazed with the healing power of touch! The state of Iowa only requires 16 hours of CEU's to renew the license and in a year I had over 200 hours. I dedicate time every week to learn, so that I can help as many people that I can.

Bodywork/Massage Therapy to Treat Any Condition

Through the years, Essential Transformations LLC has adapted many therapy techniques to meet the various needs of our clients in Iowa City. We provide therapeutic services that range from treatment for physical ailments due to sports injuries, accidents and ongoing degenerative conditions, to massage therapies that are designed to treat a broad spectrum of psychological issues brought on by trauma or the strain of day-to-day living.

Massage Therapy Adapted to the Individual

Essential Transformations LLC welcomes clients of all ages and adjusts massage therapy treatments according to an individual’s specific condition, physical limitations and personal needs. Therapeutic massage is provided in a safe, non-invasive and relaxing setting so that the people of Iowa City can get the most out of their visits.

Please call us to speak to one of our qualified massage practitioners to schedule a consultation and for answers to any questions you may have.

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